Ultrasonic diffusion

Traditional oil burners rely on heating water to disperse essential oils. The resulting heat can alter the delicate chemistry of pure essential oils or blends and minimise their therapeutic benefits as well as change their scents.

These diffusers work by breaking down water molecules with ultrasound (which doesn’t produce any heat), and infusing them with the essential oils or blends of your choice. It then vaporises the infused water into a microscope fragrant mist. This heat-less process retains all of the therapeutic properties, ensuring you always get the most of your favourite oil or blend!

AromaJoy Ultrasonic Diffuser

The Aroma Joy Ultrasonic Diffuser  features the 5 in 1 multi-functions, operates for approx. 4 hours continuously, and also switches off automatically when there is no water left. It comes complete with a travel bag. People love the versatility and changing LED lighting of this unit.

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Lua Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffuser

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The Lua works very quickly – at the touch of a button, it will start producing infused microscopic mist within seconds.

As the Lua does not produce any heat to diffuse essential oils and does not have any dangerous open flames, it can be left on overnight so you can enjoy therapeutic benefits while you sleep. It is also safe to use around children, the elderly and pets.

More than just an aromatherapy diffuser!

The Lua doesn’t only diffuse essential oils or blends; it also boasts an ionising and air purifying function. It has a built-in soothing LED night light which can be set on one of seven colours or on smooth colour-morphing to create a peaceful, meditative atmosphere. The light can also be turned off completely for those who prefer to sleep in a dark room.

Leave your Lua on at night to increase ambient moisture in your bedroom, and you won’t notice the dry throat sensation we all experience in the morning.

You can use the Lua to:

  • Diffuse essential oil blends in your workplace to improve mental clarity and concentration.
  • Improve sleeping and respiratory conditions with specific blends at the onset of cold and flu symptoms.
  • Promote an atmosphere of calm in your house especially around children and pets.
  • Relieve mild anxiety and promote relaxation.
  • Ionise and purify the air, removing bacteria, viruses and moulds.
  • Refresh and deodorise the air.

With a small footprint and 12 hours + of use (on intermittent vapour) before requiring a refill, the Lua is the perfect complement to any home or workspace and will soon make itself indispensable!

  • Model:¬†ALUDLUA01
  • Voltage: 12 V (mains power)
  • Capacity: 120mL
  • Vapour On: 6 hours
  • Intermittent Vapour: 12+ hours
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 165mm x 100 mm
  • Body colour: White
  • Night Light: Select from 7 colours and two intensities
  • Night Light Functionality: One colour or smooth colour morphing
  • Warranty: 12 months

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