natural affordable sustainable healthcareIt almost sounds too good to be true so I’ll say it again:

Natural….Affordable…Sustainable….Health Care. If this is something that interests you then read on!

I had a light bulb moment recently. When I started Green Life Organics 2 years ago, I wanted to focus on my two main passions: Healthy and Sustainable Living. I had no idea back then, how closely connected these two concepts are.

I’ve spent the last two years focusing on Healthy Living: improving my health and that of my families, and sharing my discoveries via this blog and the GLO newsletter. After watching a recent ‘Ted Talk’ with Nic Marks discussing the Happy Planet Index, I realised how important this step was for living more sustainably.

I am very excited to be sharing my most recent ‘natural solutions’ discovery. I am so passionate about promoting both healthy living (lets face it, life can be pretty grim if we have poor health) and sustainable living (if we continue to deplete resources faster than they can be replenished, then we are all in trouble!).

So, if we want to live more sustainably, we need to be healthy (and happy). So how can we improve our health and live more sustainably?

Unfortunately there is no quick fix, one size fits all or magic wand solution. But we can take small steps to improve both our health and reduce our carbon footprint.

natural affordable sustainable healthcareOne way to fast track is to use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils. Essential oils are the post powerful form of natural medicine and are very concentrated. They contain the life blood of the plant, ie the plants immune system. This enlarged image shows the oils sacs of a peppermint leaf.

So what are the issues with modern medicine?

natural affordable sustainable healthcareSometimes modern medicine is necessary, however the main issues with modern medicine is that it is synthetically produced, i.e. made in lab. Modern medicine only treats or manages symptoms and there are often severe side effects. They also have expiry dates and often excessive packaging.

Plants on the other hand have no side effects, and are safe to use as medicine. The essential oils contain hundreds of different compounds that enhance physical and emotional issues that help the body to heal itself. Our bodies are truly remarkable, and given the right nutrition, some essential oils and a positive attitude, the results are often quite incredible.

For example, the use of clove oil can reduce the progression of or actually reverse Macular Degeneration. Frankincense has been shown to reduce tumours. There are many many other examples, and a great website with information on different ailments and suggested oil usage is

natural affordable and sustainable healthcareNatural solutions are also very cost effective and cost cents rather than $ (and can save time by avoiding trips to the doctor). You can use them in comfort of own home. They even inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria and other than citrus oils they have no shelf life! And you only need to use a very small amount so a little goes a very long way.

The essential oils that I use and recommend are doTERRA as they are currently the only Certified Pure Theraputic Grade oils available, therefore the only ones that guarantee 100% purity.

If you would like to explore and improve your healthcare with natural solutions, then one of the best ways is to host an essential oils class where you will be educated and empowered to discover ways to improve your health and that of your families. You can read more about the Medicine Cabinet Makeover in a previous blog.

In the oils classes you will learn about Certified Pure Theraputic Grade essential oils and how to use them. Excellent reference tools, such as the Modern Essentials Guide to Essential Oils, are also available so you don’t have to be an expert to use the oils.

I’m going to focus on natural solutions over the coming blogs and will discuss how you can make your own personal care products, cleaning products as well as replace your medicine cabinet with natural, affordable and sustainable products.

If you would like to be empowered to take control of your health care and that of your families you can email us at or call 0407984793.

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